1500 Roadside Attractions!

Just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday, we have published our 1500th roadside attraction!

Appropriately, number 1500 is a Silver Maple Key.

Of the roadside attractions that we have published since 1998, about 150 have been removed (although we suspect that there are a number that are still on the site that should be archived – let us know if there are any roadside attractions that have gone missing).

We have just over 1350 roadside attractions still listed on the site. See how many you can visit and discover during this upcoming Canada Day long weekend!

Roadside Attractions Wallpaper

chrome_2017-05-16_19-12-16.jpgAs we approach 1500 Roadside Attractions, we’ve made a picture to show every Roadside Attraction in one image – in alphabetical order. View it online, or download it.

Horse Gate

Check out our exciting new roadside attraction, added today: Horse Gate!

Refreshed Website Look

The new look of the website is almost done.

UPDATE: The new site is up and running!

Lorraine's Excellent Adventure!

Lorraine Hirning was instrumental in keeping this site going when our founder, Ed Solonyka, passed away almost a year ago. And her summer vacation brought lots of new B.C. roadside attractions to the site. As always: thanks, Lorraine!

New roadside attractions recently added to the site, all with thanks to Lorraine:

Acorns Image

Carrot Campaign Statue image

And some updates from Lorraine:

  • Loggers in Sooke — the lower of the two loggers is slowly making his way up the pole!

  • World Famous Gnome in Nanoose Bay — this stylish gnome has been re-painted and sports a new shirt

World Famous Gnome image