The summer of roadside attractions continues!

It’s been a busy summer here at the Large Roadside Attractions of Canada head office. We’ve added a bunch of new roadside attractions to the site, and there are more to come once I catch up on the backlog that accumulated while we were on vacation in Edmonton (photo radar capital of Canada).

We’re also testing a potential new look for the site - check out our demo page and give us your feedback.

New roadside attractions recently added to the site:

  • a husky in McBride, British Columbia, with thanks to Angie Joiner

  • Adirondack chairs (a perennial favorite within the roadside attraction community) in both Winnipeg, Manitoba, and in Kitchener, Ontario, with thanks to Boris Kohut and Justin Atkins (Distinctly Patio), respectively

  • Wheat Stalks in Melville, Saskatchewan, and what I can only imagine must be the world’s largest Oat Stem in Ituna, Saskatchewan, both with thanks to Richard Donnan, a frequent contributor to this site who also maintains a great website of his many, many photographs of roadside objects

Wheat Stalks

  • a dinosaur (which I assume is smaller than life-sized, but which still made the cut) and a cactus, both in Breslau, Ontario, and both with thanks to my parents, Leo & Liz van Bodegom

  • some Big Blue Chairs in Kincardine, Ontario, with thanks to Tina Ritu

  • a bunch of Flowers in Endiang, Alberta, with thanks to Dale Redekopp