Summer's almost over - but there's still time to get out and see some roadside attractions

We’re still catching up on the backlog of new photos submitted this summer, so you’ll want to keep an eye on our list of new additions to the site.

Also, we’re still working on a refreshed look for the site - check out our demo page and give us your feedback.

New roadside attractions recently added to the site:

Recently archived:

We approve of the eradication of mosquitoes, but, even so, we’re sad to hear that the Mosquito in Lakefield ON has been removed


The mystery of the freshly painted Chetwynd Lumberjack deepens! It turns out that the original lumberjack was moved (to N55°41.732 W121°38.447), and a new lumberjack replaced it at the original location (N55°41.824 W121°37.981). Now Chetwynd has two large roadside lumberjacks - but why?

The summer of roadside attractions continues!

It’s been a busy summer here at the Large Roadside Attractions of Canada head office. We’ve added a bunch of new roadside attractions to the site, and there are more to come once I catch up on the backlog that accumulated while we were on vacation in Edmonton (photo radar capital of Canada).

We’re also testing a potential new look for the site - check out our demo page and give us your feedback.

New roadside attractions recently added to the site:

  • a husky in McBride, British Columbia, with thanks to Angie Joiner

  • Adirondack chairs (a perennial favorite within the roadside attraction community) in both Winnipeg, Manitoba, and in Kitchener, Ontario, with thanks to Boris Kohut and Justin Atkins (Distinctly Patio), respectively

  • Wheat Stalks in Melville, Saskatchewan, and what I can only imagine must be the world’s largest Oat Stem in Ituna, Saskatchewan, both with thanks to Richard Donnan, a frequent contributor to this site who also maintains a great website of his many, many photographs of roadside objects

Wheat Stalks

  • a dinosaur (which I assume is smaller than life-sized, but which still made the cut) and a cactus, both in Breslau, Ontario, and both with thanks to my parents, Leo & Liz van Bodegom

  • some Big Blue Chairs in Kincardine, Ontario, with thanks to Tina Ritu

  • a bunch of Flowers in Endiang, Alberta, with thanks to Dale Redekopp

#EasterEggHunt in Alberta

Although Mira and I both lived in Alberta, years ago, neither of us had ever visited the Vegreville pysanka. When we visited Edmonton this summer (home of the most aggressive photo radar campaign I have ever run across), we made sure to swing by Vegreville and check out one of the country’s most awesome roadside attractions.

Our trip to the pysanka and other Alberta roadside attractions, in pictures and tweets:

2016: The summer of roadside attractions!

New roadside attraction added to the site:

  • Enjoy your trip to (or through) Simcoe, Ontario, a little bit more than normal: swing by the Simcoe Chicken.

Recent updates:


  • Faces in Saskatoon seems to have been removed. I can’t believe it’s gone for good - does anyone know if it has been moved somewhere?

  • The Stone Arch in Toronto has been archived. As nearly as we can tell, the “Stone Arch” was never a roadside attraction in its own right - it is actually the bottom half of a large inuksuk located by Coronation Park.

  • In a disappointing and, frankly, shocking development for northwestern Ontario, the Giant Moose Antler Rack in Upsala has been removed. Apparently, the new owner of the place has a different (and, it goes without saying, much worse) sense of appropriate northern taste, decorum and propriety. Other than that, though, I hear good things about the new owner.

Giant Moose Antler Rack

  • On a sad personal note, the Police Patrol Car has been removed from the roof of the Crossroads Antique Market in Cainsville, Ontario. This was the first roadside attraction that Mira and I found after discovering this website many years ago, and we still drop in at the flea market when we are in the area. The patrol car is now rusting away behind the chip stand.


New roadside attractions – and much more!

New roadside attractions added to the site:



  • Tire Man in Milverton, Ontario – the business closed and the Tire Man is no longer there.


  • The Big Apple in Colborne is back on our list of roadside attractions. Welcome back!